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At True Love Dental, our entire team is passionate about one simple, unified mission: To Provide Exceptional Dental Care to our patients while making a positive impact within our community. Focusing on these two goals allows us to make a difference in our patients lives.

State of the art equipment & personal attention

Personalized patient care is what sets True Love Dental apart. When you visit our dentistry you can expect to receive world class care. Expert dental specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional dental care experience. Personalized patient care is what sets True Love Dental apart.


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Giving back to our community!

Dr.Sung is very active with his community and has been donated approximately $10,000 annually to serve his community. In addition, Dr.Sung provides a charitable dentistry to the homeless / under-served population of Maryland.


That a BEAUTIFUL Smile bring

Restoring Smiles

From fixing broken or missing teeth, to teeth whitening and alignment. We promise you that the reward when you invest in yourself and your smile is one that keeps on giving. every time you look yourself in the mirror or greet someone with a smile new doors will open and opportunities come alive with your new confident you.

We love our 4.9 / 498 Amazing reviews on Google!

  • First visit to the dentist since the pandemic. Staff were in the appropriate PPEs. Was called promptly and did not perceive or experience in any change in the quality of care received.
    Jane Clark
  • In and out in a jiff! Had the quickest tooth extraction and a plan to fix some of the broken teeth! First time I’ve been exited about a dentist in a long time
    Gordon Freeman Awesome Customer
  • The True Love Dental practice is aptly named. We had two young Eastern European guests who were in dire need of dental care. Dr. Sung and his wonderful staff put the girls at ease by making them feel comfortable and working very efficiently. Dr. Sung has a very calm demeanor and is sensitive to his patients’ needs. He is skilled and gentle and thorough with his procedures. The office itself is bright and cheerful, and our guests appreciated the goodie bags at the conclusion of their visit with tooth brushes and toothpaste. We experienced true love at this dental practice!
    KJ Lazo
  • This is my favorite Dentist office ever. Everyone is kind and courteous. Dr. Sung is extremely professional, knowledgeable and accommodating he is also super kind and understanding. I take my entire family to this office. It truly is the best in Brunswick. We are so grateful that his office is near our neighborhood. He comes highly recommended!!
    Nakia Stewart
  • I had a very great experience with True Love Dental. With no dental insurance and needing dental work done Dr. Sung was so helpful with working with me. I have horrible anxiety about anything dental and he made me feel very relaxed and taken care of. Would highly recommend True Love Dental.
    Mandi Wingard
  • I had never heard of True Love Dental before yesterday! They are in Brunswick, MD so close to home AND Saturday hours!!! I lost a filling on Friday evening around 8pm - did a Google search they popped up- I sent them a PM from FB and they responded within minutes! Unreal to me. They have me an appointment for 10 o'clock this morning and I could not be happier with my choice to go to them! The staff and doctor are VERY personable.
    Kelly Rohrer
  • Very understanding for people who are a little anxious about going to the dentist. They weren’t judgmental that I hadn’t been to the dentist regularly and worked with me to create a plan to get back on track.
    Kelly White
  • True love dental is great!! I have some dental anxiety from past experiences from other dentists. Dr. sung and his assistant were able to help make me feel comfortable. I will be going back for future work and cleanings. Thank you!
    Helen Miller
  • Great staff, peaceful office. I have lots of "dentist anxiety" and was very calm and comfortable today. No shame and lots of hope:) This staff and dentist go out of their way to make this a wonderful experience.
    Erica O’Leary
  • Kind, friendly, compassionate. Always on time (sometimes they take you early). No one loves going to the dentist but this office makes it a painless and fun experience. Highly recommend to those with dentist anxiety! Office is clean and they have state of the art equipment. Always willing to go the extra mile. In and out without wait or hassel. I am truly in love with True Love Dental!!! (Ok, that was cheesy 🙂 ).
    Jessica Cratty

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